Posing Pandas is a super fun panda rolling game where the goal is to be the player with the highest score. Players take turns rolling the pandas with the goal of creating certain combinations.

The Basics

  • Give each player a scorecard.

  • Play begins with the youngest player. The next turn continues with the player on the left.

  • Each turn, a player may roll the Pandas no more than three times.

  • Roll all five pandas on your first roll of the turn. Reroll the pandas until you are satisfied or you have rolled three times.

  • At the end of a turn, the player must fill a box on the scorecard. If the player made no combination, they must enter zero into one of the boxes. A box may only be filled once per game.

  • When all boxes are filled, the game ends.

  • The player with the highest total score wins.

How To Score The Top Section

Add the number of pandas in the corresponding position. Each panda is worth one point.

How To Score the Bottom Section

  • Score three points for creating a combination of three.

  • Score four points for creating a combination of four.

  • Score ten points of creating a combination of five.

  • Score five points when rolling three pandas in one position and two pandas in another.

  • Score five points when all pandas are in a different position.

You're Ready to Play!

That is all you need to know to play Posing Pandas. Need a copy of the game? Buy a copy of Posing Pandas today.