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Caracassonne Big Box 2017

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The Carcassonne Big Box combines the 2001 Spiel des Jahres with 11 of its expansions: the perfect starter set for Carcassone fans and anyone who wants to play this bestselling game with as much variety as possible. All expansions can be played in any combinations, ensuring a unique experience each time you sit down for a game.

Ages seven and up.

Two to six players.

35-minutes average playtime.

The Game

The base game features everything you need to play the classic Carcassonne experience. Using the games signature square tiles, you'll discover and landscape of cities, monasteries, roads, and fields. Place your meeples as knights, monks, highwaymen, and farmers to expand your influence and score as many points as possible. Use your meeples wisely, however; the player to do so will most assuredly win the game.

Inns & Cathedrals

Cathedrals and inns increase the value of your cities and roads but only if you can finish them. Large meeples can tip the majority in your favor when you need it most.

Traders & Builders

Eager traders engage in fierce competition to acquire goods from the cities. Builders allow you to play tow turns back-to-back, while pigs increase the value of your farmlands.

The Abbot

The abbot enjoys both his quiet work in the monastery and tending country gardens. While you can place the abbot on either, you can also remove him early to score points.

The River

The river flows through the landscape of the realm, offering new challenges and opportunities.

The Flying Machines

Humanity has always been fascinated by flight. Your meeples can now soar into the sky, though you never know exactly where they might land.

The Ferries

A vast array of roads surrounds the realms of Carcassonne. New ferries along these roads alter paths, providing new opportunities to any of your enterprising thieves.

The Messengers

The king dispatches his faithful subjects into the realm. Wealth and prestige awaits any who make wise use of these messengers.

The Gold Mines

Gold is scattered throughout the realm, sought by everyone. This value of each ingot, however, remains unknown until the end of the game.

Mage & Witch

Powerful magicians visit the realm of Carcassonne. The mage's presence inspire the citizens, but the witch casts a sinister pall over everything she touches.

The Robbers

Robbers on the road demand tribute from wayward travels. When your meeples score points, another player's robber may steal a few of them from you.

The Crop Circles

Mysterious Circles appear in the fields of Carcassonne, holding a strange power of the knights, thieves, and farmers of the realm.

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